Office break and trip to the Himalayas region: Mussoorie and Rishikesh

It took me approx. 6 months to get this smile and to feel great.

I wanted to be a Traveller like ROBIN ESROCK, but ended my dream to travel in the Corporate World.


Best thing about a trip is when you packed your bag & hit the road, you’ve already left every single thing that you don’t want to carry with you. Some people are wealthy so they travel and some are in the search of happiness or peace & for some different definition of travelling. Travelling is the pursuit of happiness. Some want to follow his passion of travelling but not succeeded. This is not just because they haven’t a goal in the life or his system is not great to achieve the goal. Some problems came into your life from nowhere. I am the one who is having this phase.

Using my weekends and emotional talks with the manager never disappoint me to enjoy in the new city or place. I am pursuing my full time travelling dream with a corporate job in my hands.

It is not so easy because we are having our daily routine & schedules (it must keep busy anyone in this racefull life) and we have to repeat it for every single day.
So why don’t we throw this shit out and try to see or experience something new that We’ve never see or think before.
Keeping a smile on your face besides every up & low that is currently going in my life and somehow i used to mange to experience this new thing in my life.

It is a great thing and just like me and many other people are doing the same everyday(life is not just about happiness or living) but in the night when you reach your home having a chilled beer and you started thinking “why i am doing this” or “why i am hiding” my real emotions behind a fake smile on my face & at the same time i realize hiding yourself or your emotions is not a great idea that your mind has created.

Living a life with lots of complaints is not a way of living
a life. Every single livings on the planet Earth is having a different life and circumstances to survive, their way of living life, there ways livings, you can not simply say that i wish i have the same life as like you or having a comfortable couch in the room and an A.C room and enough money in the hands to go anywhere.


Leaving your place for days and experience something new, i think everyone should do travel to New places in there free time there are countless things to do and learn from the people, there culture, environment & life.
Slaughtering your asses every month.

Is it your pick ??? ­čśé

4 hrs of bus journey from Dehradun to Mussoorie and the roads OMG.
The roads are constructed in zigzag shape, you can enjoy the beautiful clouds and the mountains while travelling in bus fresh and cold air this feeling is so awesome this trip is one of the beautiful trip to the nature.

My first unplanned trip with my friends to Mussoorie and Rishikesh.
One Night and Two days of trip from Delhi to Mussoorie (287km), Mussoorie to Rishikesh (75km) travelling from bus and local transports. It was a great trip with my friends we were watching Ind vs SL WC match that was getting boring with every single balls that hit with the Srilankan batsman then my friend suggested me to go to Mussoorie and Rishikesh and after that we quickly pack our bags and left our flat for the Kashmeeri Gate ISBT to get a local bus and reach to the Mussoorie.
We departed from Kashmeeri gate ISBT to the Dehradun from there we take another bus which dropped us to the Mall road Mussoorie.
met many peoples interacted with the locals and learned alot from this unplanned trip.
I have a 9 to 6 job and this trip helps me lot to release my stress. Experiencing cold weathers, clouds.


We reached Mall road around 6:00 am in the morning and we are in search of hotel and in between all this we met someone who suggested us to take hotel or guest house near kempty fall.
Kempty fall is located at 15kms from Mussoorie on the yamunotri road.
Book a taxi from Mall road to the kempty falls, which cost you 100 bucks for one person.
We booked a hotel room which cost us 2200 hundred for 4 person double bed.
The ticket cost you around 120-150 bucks for the roapway which is base that will get you to the kempty falls. The milkiah water falling the water is so cold. People enjoy bathing in this fall. Perfect place to have a time in kempty falls.

We left our hotel in the morning for the Rishikesh early because it is my last day of the holiday so we decided to reach early and left in the evening so that we will reach Delhi in early morning.
Our hotel manager helped us to get a cab in the early morning and we left Mussoorie. We got a bus which left for the dehradun early.

Rishikesh Yoga capital of the world city of spirituality and beautiful valley or mountain. Situated in the Himalayas.
City visited by a Hollywood English music band “THE BEATELS”.

Dedicated to the Hindu gods and goddesses. Visited by thousands of the worships with a wish with hope. The temple has total 13 floor. Dedicated to the Hindu gods and goddesses. Holy shrine has 13 storeys.

Who says peace have no aound. The sound that came from the running water of river ganga and the cool breeze.
Spending sometime on the bank of river ganga. Legs were in the water that release my all leg pain, now I can trek more distances type feeling.

I met a local guy and a baba near the bank of river ganga I ask them to come and they said yes will come here. I spend good time with them having conversations with the locals helps you a lot in the city where you have visiting for the first time.
The baba is very chill type he only love God and and believe in God this is his everything. He is living a life on the bank of river ganga he used to manage food and have a small tent which is his home.
I seated with him around 40 minutes and learn many new life lessons, spiritual lessons with a few smoke of joint.

Bhoothnath mahadev mandir is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It has many floors and there are two temples. Bhootnath Temple has multiple floors. From the top floor you will get an amazing panaromic view of Rishikesh. Temple is surrounded by rajaji national tiger reserve.
There is a saying, Lord Shiva took rest here while he was going to marry his first wife Sati.

Finally I reached to the Beatles Ashram also known as chaurasi kutiya. It is a ashram which is situated in Rishikesh surrounded by rajaji tiger reserve.
The Beatles Ashram named after the beatels visit the Rishikesh. The Beatles decided to stay in Rishikesh and learn transcendental meditation.
The ashram is a major attraction in Rishikesh. The ashram is dedicated to the The Beatles. Walls are filled with mural arts and graffitti arts done by the local artists and the tourists.

Have you ever surrounded yourself with Langoors? I saw a security guard in a park next to the Beatels Ashram, feeding biscuits and talking and playing with the langoors. He was surrounded by 6-7 langoors and he is offering biscuits to everyone. I asked him how you are so friendly with them and he replied that he came to this park 6 months back and having a great friendship with all of them. He said they are my family here after my real family who live in village. I have a good friendship with them. They won’t hurt me i played with them and playing with them. There is a very young langoor & who is my favorite one, who even sit on my chair and starting jumping all around me.

We left for the Delhi in the evening around 7 pm from the Bus station and reached Delhi around 12pm.
Again life is going to be the same. Office and daily hustles.
This trip is worth it.

We’re all try

We’re all try to forget someone
Just like death
Just like sins that already
Driven them towards there end.

We’re all try to be something new
Just like a new morning,
Reborn with sunrise

We’re all try to take the good vibes
The good one
Just like a perfect morning
With a cup of tea
Chirping of the birds

We’re all try to become the child
Just like we were before
The loveable
Just like the old we were
Everyone’s little love

We’re all try to forget someone
Just like death
Just like sins that already
Driven them towards there end.

We’re all try to be something new
Just like a new morning,
Reborn with sunrise

We’re all try to take the good vibes
The good one
Just like a perfect morning
With a cup of tea
Chirping of the birds

We’re all try to become the child
Just like we were before
The loveable
Just like the old we were
Everyone’s little love

Navneet Kumar Singh


I remember my childhood; Everyday I was waiting for the ring of that bell placed at our main gate , when my father or grandfather use to come back from work .I clearly remember I use ran towards them and grab their bags of lunchboxes and pleading them for few bucks so that I can buy some chocolates or ice cream.

Now I am 22 year old I have a job,the first salary that I received I wasted all like any other teen , and started the ususal fight with month ends …
It was my first meet and greet with the so called ” Month End “. So I left metro station which is close to where I live , and guess what I had only ten bucks in my pocket I was so upset and frustrated that day, I wanted to buy a cigarette, but I couldn’t.

The situation was either I can buy a cigarette to give some dopamine to my brain to feel good/relax or I could take the local vehicle to reach my place.

I know this may sound bullshit but one thing I learnt that day
When we are adolscents we never think of our father or grandfather, how much money they may carry with themselves it is possible that they have only few of it which may definately help in daily

chores .

That day I realized how big heart our parents have; they sacrifice their happiness for us and in return all they want from us is our smiles our care ,our affection .

Navneet Singh Rajput

This feeling

All the time we think not to give a shit
But our heart couldn’t think the same,
Heart is overrated over brain
#sometime it want to remind you of the old ,
Don’t piss off,
Don’t give a shit,
Why should you care all the time
It’s over, the story is off now,
Think , think, think

Tear roll down from eyes
Mind continuously, repeatedly think,
You’re like disabled
Fells like nothing we
This pain,
This felling,
Like have nobody
Like lonely
Never thought about this feeling
# our mind stick at the thought like a spider on the web
Heart and brain is slowly trapped down in the maze of that thought,
Control, control, control
Get over off it,
Think, think, think

Navneet Kumar Singh


Learn from the experiences don’t criticise ­čś»
Always look for the best don’t give up, Face the fact and reality of your life don’t run from that because one day this pain teach you a great lesson if you work for that.
Accept the life you have.

One day you will change it
All you need to do is WAIT and TRUST on yourself
don’t lose HOPE.
Whatever life you have,
Live your life like a ELEPHANT who walks on the road without giving a damn attention to barking dogs, walk in his mood.
PANDA who live his life without any tension just EAT PLAY & SLEEP.
BIRD who took a long flight can go anywhere, flew in the sky at a great height
explore everyday but in the last reach home.
QUOKKA recommended as the happiest animal on the planet
Why not like a QUOKKA ?

Navneet Kumar Singh



You are the one who tell me the meaning of how to love anyone,

You are the one who show me how to live happy with lots of problems,

You are the one who always bring a smile on my face,

You are the one who teaches me to how to live,

You are the one who is the reason for my happiness,

You are the one who teaches me to live better and quitely ‘exit’ from my life,
Without saying a single word……..

Navneet Kumar Singh