This feeling

All the time we think not to give a shit
But our heart couldn’t think the same,
Heart is overrated over brain
#sometime it want to remind you of the old ,
Don’t piss off,
Don’t give a shit,
Why should you care all the time
It’s over, the story is off now,
Think , think, think

Tear roll down from eyes
Mind continuously, repeatidly think,
You’re like disabled
Fells like nothing we
This pain,
This felling,
Like have nobody
Like lonely
Never thought about this feeling
# our mind stick at the thought like a spider on the web
Heart and brain is slowly trapped down in the maze of that thought,
Control, control, control
Get over off it,
Think, think, think

Navneet Singh Rajput

Life lessons


Learn from the experiences don’t criticise ­čś»
Always look for the best don’t give up, Face the fact and reality of your life don’t run from that because one day this pain teach you a great lesson if you work for that.
Accept the life you have.

One day you will change it
All you need to do is WAIT and TRUST on yourself
don’t lose HOPE.
Whatever life you have,
Live your life like a ELEPHANT who walks on the road without giving a damn attention to barking dogs, walk in his mood.
PANDA who live his life without any tension just EAT PLAY & SLEEP.
BIRD who took a long flight can go anywhere, flew in the sky at a great height
explore everyday but in the last reach home.
QUOKKA recommended as the happiest animal on the planet
Why not like a QUOKKA ?

Navneet singh rajput



screenshot_20180420-1543061334736644.pngYou are the one who tell me the meaning of how to love anyone,

You are the one who show me how to live happy with lots of problems,

You are the one who always bring a smile on my face,

You are the one who teaches me to how to live,

You are the one who is the reason for my happiness,

You are the one who teaches me to live better and quitely ‘exit’ from my life,
Without saying a single word……..

Navneet singh rajput


She’s still happy without him

she’s still happy with all the old memories

She’s still happy with the truth

She’s still happy with today

she is still happy without him

She is still happy with all the,

old comments and mentions on IG

She is still happy without him

She’s still carries the old smile on her face,

when he clicked her pictures secretly

She’s a pigeon,

holds the same old love

She’s still happy with the distance

She’s still happy without him

She miss him but,

She’s happy without conversations

She’s still happy without him

She’s aware with everything

She knows the situation

She loves him

She’s still happy with his absence

She’s still happy without him

She understands what exactly LOVE is

She’s happy with this feeling

She’s happy without him.

~ Navneet singh rajput